Wrapping Up 2017 with Meat Birds

Happy New Year, y’all!  We wrapped up our 2017 by filling our freezer full of the best chicken around… straight from the homestead. Free range, organic, non-gmo, soy free… as clean as it gets!

Our first experience with raising our own meat birds was incredible & we are already getting ready to raise more chicks in the spring. Of course, it was a learning process from start to finish, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. The birds ended up being processed at 8.5 weeks & they weighed in at ~5 lbs dressed weight.

A quick breakdown – It took us 2 days to get our 48 birds into the freezer.  We were lucky to have friends & family pitch in during the process. Day 1 we processed & Day 2 we bagged them up.

Here are a few snap shots from Day 2 (aka “bagging day”):

The birds went from an ice bath in the cooler to the drying station that Karl constructed before sealing them up for storage in the freezer.

48 birds in the freezer! Nothing went to waste… our raw food lovin’ dogs are enjoying their bags of meat birds goodies, too.

I’ll be sharing all kinds of new recipes that we are using with our fresh meat in the upcoming weeks.  We decided to keep our birds whole, but can easily break them down if needed once thawed out.  The other bags you see are filled full of shanks & necks.  Why did we keep these?? They are the secret ingredients in my bone broth recipe!  More to come with WHY & the recipe itself this week.

EXCITING NEWS — I’ll also be sharing our meat birds experience this upcoming spring in a more detailed, week-by-week update style!!  Lots of information coming your way & pictures, too!

Hope you are all enjoying the new year & excited about what all is to come from Healthy Homestead Mama in 2018!

Till next time…

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