Why You Should Choose Farm Fresh {Pastured} Eggs

An egg is an egg, right? That’s the assumption that far too many people make when thinking about eggs, y’all.

I also find that once someone let’s go of the craziness of eggs being “bad” for their health – because they are NOT bad for you in the least, they can get a bit confused about which eggs to buy.  If you’re one of those people, it’s okay…

Let me explain WHY you should be choosing farm fresh, pastured (& local if at all possible) eggs.

Note – I am, by all means, not telling you that you need to go out & purchase the most expensive eggs out there.  If anything, I’d like to encourage you to try & source your eggs from a local farmer.  There are TONS of us out there… just be sure to talk to your farmer first.  Maybe even set up a visit to their farm if you’d like to see the whole process in action.

Here are my top 3 reasons for Why You Should Choose Farm Fresh, Local Eggs:

1. Hens that Eat Better have Better Eggs

Do you know what the hens that laid your eggs were eating?  Heard of the saying “You are what you eat?”  The same can be said for the animals we choose to consume, y’all.  I can’t speak for all farmers out there, but here at the homestead we allow our hens to roam & forage in the pasture for bugs & insects.  They do have feed provided for them to eat as well, which we blend here at the farm.  Our feed blend is soy free, non-gmo, & contains only organic grains.  The “girls” as we often call them, even get a shot of apple cider vinegar in their water for added probiotic benefits & to help them fight off disease.  All of this goes into the hens producing more nutritious & flavorful eggs.  Neat, right?

2. Hens that have Good Space to Live In Produce Top Quality Eggs

Let me ask you this – you wouldn’t want to live closed up in a tiny, dark room with hundreds of other people & then forced to eat, sleep, & take care of your “business” there, would you?  Unfortunately, this is the case for the hens of mass produced eggs.  Being crammed into a small space with only restricted, artificial light & then sleeping on mass amounts of accumulated poop is what these hens are dealing with.  This is one of the big reasons why we decided to raise our own hens & proudly eat their eggs.  You’ve got to be aware of situations like this & do something about it, y’all.  Our animals deserve better, don’t you agree?

3. Hens that are Happy have Better Eggs

Pasture-raised hens have more space to forage in the grass for insects & bugs, spend time in the natural sunlight (sunshine = Vitamin D).  They also have a nice warm shelter to roost in each night.  Proper amounts of sunlight & sleep, plus the timing of the two, have EVERYTHING to do with egg production.  When we give our hens a happy life, they give us eggs that are enriched with happiness.  Sounds silly, I know, but it’s the truth.  Just like us, when hens are happy & not under loads of stress, they release all kinds of feel good energy in their bodies.  Thus, happy hens = the BEST eggs you can get!

I could keep going on & on with this list.  From personal experience, I can tell you that our eggs from the homestead taste better, last longer, & are pretty to look at.  YES – I like to look at our eggs & photograph them. 🙂

To simplify the list, think of it this way – when choosing eggs, you should be asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • What are the hens that lay my eggs eating?

  • What kind of environment are the hens living in?

  • How are the hens (& possibly roosters) being treated?

Just remember – an egg is not “just an egg.”  Like with any other food, be smart about what you’re putting in your body – It’ll thank you!

Till next time…

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