Waiting for Spring {Last Days of Winter on the Homestead}

Hello from the homestead… if you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’m back!  From time to time, I take a “technology break” – not just for myself, but also for Karl & Klaire.  These breaks stem from our summer visits up north, as we like to call them, when we get away from it all.  No wifi, no computers, limited cell phones – just nature & US, for the most part.

It’s amazing what a little time away from the computer/iPhone can do for one’s health & state of mind.  Give it a try for yourself sometime.

Aside from that, I have been working on a top secret project that I will be sharing with y’all very soon!!!  No hints, sorry.

One not so secret project that had this mama a busy bee last week was taking on the uncharted territory of potty training with Klaire – aka we had a Potty Party Marathon & it WORKED!  I will be back this month with a post filled with all of the details from what method worked best for us to what all we learned not to do if & when we go through it with a little again.

While away from the computer, I did make it a point to keep my camera nearby.  Here’s a look at what all has been going on during these last days of winter on our homestead.

Little signs of spring are all over the place.  Just like this yellow pop of sunshine in our yard.  Waiting for perenials, like these, to wake up from their long winter’s rest has always been a favorite early spring activity of mine.  Yet another tradition to share & pass on to Klaire!

Karl, Klaire, & I found this flowing beauty near a typically quite creek after a couple days of heavy rain on the farm.  It was nice to just stop, listen, relax, & then snap a quick picture for the memory books.

Hi there, little one!  We have a new batch of future laying hens on the farmstead.  Meet one of the heritage barred rock chicks, pictured above.

This guy doesn’t get mentioned a lot on here – probably because I am most often carrying a big basket full of eggs with me instead of a camera when I’m near him.  Thought I would give him some portrait time of his own last week.

Last, but not least, I captured these two shots of our little beauty taking a break from playing in her “rain puddles” as she calls them.

It’s crazy how much she seemed to mature even more once she didn’t have a diaper on her bum bum.  Still not sure how I actually feel about her growing up on us so quickly.

Now – I want to hear from you!  Any particular topics that you’d like me to discuss in upcoming posts?  Want more details from the farm side of our life?  Looking for more recipe ideas?  Are you a mama looking for more ideas from one mama to another? Do me a favor & leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Till next time…

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