The Best Toothbrush EVER & My Favorite NEW Toothpaste

Looking for a new toothbrush? Want to clean up your toothpaste & toss the gunky, chemical laden stuff?

Great news – look no further… I’ve got just what you’re looking for…

Meet Radius Original Toothbrush & Radius USDA Organic Toothpaste. 

I was obviously on Santa’s nice list this past year because I found these two goodies in my stocking & can’t stop talking about them.  Now, this isn’t just any run of the mill brush, y’all. My teeth have never felt or looked better!

Radius has been our toothbrush of choice for Klaire so far in her (almost) 2 years of life.  Remember when I posted about my homemade toothpaste for kids? In that post, I mentioned how much Klaire adores her Radius Totz brush. If you missed it, you can READ HERE.

Notice that adorable little hand in the picture above?? That would be Klaire Marie trying to snatch my green toothbrush.  I couldn’t resist! No way I could crop them out of the photo. 🙂 

Isn’t a Toothbrush just a Toothbrush?! Absolutely, NOT! Here’s why I am using the Radius Original:

1. Supersized Brush Head for Superior Cleaning

The wide oval brush head is designed to improve gum health and can even reduce the risk of gum and heart disease by massaging the whole mouth.  I kid you not – It really does feel that good.

2. 3X More Bristles

Not only are there more of them, the Original’s mass of bristles are softer and more uniquely aligned, providing even pressure that helps reduce chronic bleeding, receding gums and enamel erosion. Don’t let the size scare you off or intimidate you.

3. Award-Winning “Easy-Grip” Design

That recognizable shape isn’t just for good looks — the Original’s handle is user-friendly and the smart Thumb-and-Palm design makes it much easier to grip and control.

4. Good for Lefties, Too!

The RADIUS Original’s ergonomic design comes in right- and left-handed versions, so everybody can enjoy a personalized teeth-cleaning experience.

5. Sustainable from the Start

From the cellulose handle sourced from renewable timber, to the vegetable-based nylon bristles, the RADIUS Original is 100% petroleum free.

Why Radius Organic Toothpaste?

1. Utterly Organic

This one-of-a-kind USDA Certified organic toothpaste is also cruelty free and Leaping Bunny Certified, to leave your conscience as clean as your teeth.  It’s a win-win for us & our furry friends.

2. No Nasty Ingredients

Take a peek at the labels. You won’t see any trace of chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, glutens, fluoride, saccharin, SLS, SLES, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, or synthetics of any kind. Just clean, natural, and safe ingredients.  This was what impressed me the most. Who wants nasty ingredients in their body, much less their mouth, anyway?! Not me.

3. Natural Whitening

Y’all know how much we love coconut oil around the homestead already. Here it is again!  All of the Radius toothpastes include silky organic coconut oil, an ingredient used in the age-old remedy of oil pulling which naturally cleans and detoxifies the mouth. Coconut oil has been shown to whiten teeth, prevent bacteria, and can help reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay, the natural way.

4. Tasty-But-Effective Flavors

These flavor combinations were chosen as much for their oral health benefits as for their mouth-watering deliciousness. Antibacterial Mint, Aloe & Neem soothes and cools while reducing the risk of gingivitis and cavities. That’s the one I’m currently using – super refreshing! Ginger Citrus delivers a fresh, zingy mouth-feel with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help prevent gum disease, plus a hit of natural teeth whitening. I’ll be trying it out next.

5. Packable & Portable

Every container is handily travel sized and TSA compliant, so you can enjoy the RADIUS toothpaste taste, feel and peace of mind wherever you go.

Well, has Radius won you over yet?  If you are in the  market for upgrading your oral hygiene routine, I highly suggest checking their products out. Why do I support them & use their products?!

Here are just a few reasons why you should try Radius:

1. “Green” Products

They simply make this Mama happy any day of the week – I especially love how Radius takes a holistic approach when it comes to designing and manufacturing their products.

Here’s a great article on the details behind what makes their products so “green” & clean.

2. Made right here in the U.S.A.

Radius has been hand-making oral care products in Kutztown, Pennsylvania since 1988. Why wouldn’t you want to support a brand that is exclusively made in the U.S.A., right?

3. Better by Design

Each product is devised for a specific purpose & they utilize one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques. I just can’t say enough about how good this brush feels in my hand. They not only make brushes for right handed folks like myself, but also for lefties!

Watch THIS VIDEO for a closer look behind the design.

Now, don’t you feel like you should go brush your teeth now?! Do it, but treat your mouth & grab yourself a Radius toothbrush & toothpaste.

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*Read HERE for more information on how the Radius Rewards program works.

Till next time…


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