The Best American Made Flatware for Baby & Toddler {Baby Liberty}

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for Klaire a flatware set. Not just any fork & spoon, but a set that could meet our high standards for quality, health, & safety. Y’all know by now that we put a lot of thought into our purchasing around the homestead.  If we can’t grow or raise it on the farm, then we are going to invest wisely.

For the past two years, she’s been using a couple heirloom pieces that were either Karl’s or mine from our childhood. The problem I kept coming across when looking for additional pieces was that most of the flatware on the market today is NOT safe, y’all!

From chemical laiden plastics to glued together “natural” materials, I just couldn’t bring myself to order her something that wasn’t safe for her & that would fall apart after a few washes.  Plus, our family is also trying to purchase American Made pieces when at all possible.

Luckily, I FINALLY found just what I was looking for – Meet Baby Liberty!! It’s a line exclusively designed for babies & toddlers.


Here’s a quick list of why I have fallen in love with Baby Liberty:

1. Health & Safety

• They only use stainless steel from American steel mills that follow stringent environmental & safety standards in the manufacture of their flatware.
• They meet or exceed all federal and state environmental regulations and standards.
• They never use harsh or carcinogenic chemicals in their  process. That is a win-win in any department!

2. Excellent Quality

Liberty Tabletop only uses the finest 18-10 stainless for their forks, spoons and knife handles. Additionally, all of the stainless steel they use in the production of their flatware comes from steel mills right in the U.S.A.

3. Huge Value

How do they make this amazingly high quality flatware & keep the price down?? The answer is simple – they cut out the middleman and sell directly to us, the end customer. Did you know that when a customer purchases flatware from a big box store, the flatware company is giving up to 70 percent of their profit to the store?! What is worse, the iconic brand that puts their name on the box takes about half of what is left over leaving the manufacturer with less than 15% of what you end up paying.  Thank you for making this budget loving Mama happy!

4. Made in USA

Can you believe that Liberty Flatware is the ONLY flatware made in the USA??? I was shocked to learn this, myself.  Read more HERE about why the company’s mission is to preserve American jobs.

5. Earth Friendly

Liberty Tabletop avoids using toxic chemicals, oils and lubes in their processes. They filter their buffering units in order to avoid sending dust particles into the air. Plus, their energy source is mainly hydroelectric through the City of Sherrill program coming from Niagara Falls hydro-power.  Shout out to our Canadian family just across the way!


In addition to the list, I couldn’t help but to love how Klaire’s new set looks & feels like it will last the test of time – just like the heirloom pieces that we passed down to her. 🙂

Want to know more about what all Liberty Tabletop has to offer?  Check them out HERE!

P.S. Stay tuned for details on Liberty Tabletop Flatware as I will be converting over our family flatware soon!

Till next time…

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