Recycled Halloween Craft Idea

Fact – This Mama doesn’t consider Halloween a Top 3 Holiday around the homestead.

With that being said, I must admit, since it falls into the season of Fall, I do still find simple ways to enjoy the festive occasion.

There isn’t one particular reason why I would deem this one of my least favorite holidays, honestly.  Growing up as a kid, my mom did a fantastic job getting us all dressed up, having parties at our house for friends, & making the Halloween experience fun for my sister & me.

Klaire isn’t even 2 years old yet (& I’m not trying to rush that), so maybe that’s why I still seem to be not so up on the spookiest day of the year.  Who knows?

None the less, I have decided that this year I would channel my inner elementary school teacher & come up with a craft for us to do with the kiddos.  Even better… it’s a project that involves recycling, y’all!

Want to make a Halloween Creature of your own?  This is the simplified version that I am planning for our toddlers on the farm.

All you will need are:

  1. Empty paper rolls
  2. Colored construction paper
  3. Crayons*
  4. Tape/glue

*These crayons are the BEST!  Klaire has them & we have gifted them to friends/family.  They are made from non-toxic, 100% beeswax.  Totally worth grabbing a pack for any little one in your life, promise!

Klaire’s pick for Crayons

Check out the full set of “jazzed up” instructions here —> Halloween Creature Paper Rolls

We plan to do this craft with Klaire & her cousin Tripp on Halloween day during our weekly play date next week.  Might even say “Boo” to the little ones with our favorite charcoal mask on!  Stay tuned for pictures of our arts & crafts fun.

Till next time…

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