Our Homestead {Weekly Reflection IV}

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just seems like a blur? Well this past week was one of those weeks for multiple reasons. From birthdays to the stomach virus to flooding rain, our week was  all over the place. Thank goodness for photographs! Here’s a look at our week on the homestead through my camera lens:

Testing new recipes with Klaire.  This blueberry ginger with a hint of elderberry bucha is chilling in the fridge now.  I’ve got a couple special recipes coming your way this week…  A sweet treat & one of our staple homestead dutch oven recipes.

Taking photos of my favorite birthday girl in her handmade crown.  I will be coming back with ALL the details behind this amazing piece of work that was custom made for our darlin’ from Flora & Peg.  They also created the beautiful cake topper that you see in the picture below. 🙂

Sneak peak of our little one’s birthday celebration that was extended Thursday through Sunday! I’ll be coming back soon with more details from birthday cake to handmade gifts!

What do you do to celebrate birthdays?  Any unique traditions?  Do you stick with homemade cakes & goodies or do you opt for the bakery?  Let us know!

Till next time…

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