Our Homestead {Weekly Reflection III}

Last week we said good bye to January & hello to February.  February is an extra special month for us because it’s our sweet little Klaire Marie’s birthday month.

I’ll be reflecting back to her incredible natural birth story & sharing later this month.  Plus, lots of new plans & ventures going on around the homestead, y’all!  Karl attended a beekeeping symposium over the weekend to expand his “bee knowledge” for an upcoming, extra sweet addition to the homestead! 🙂

Here’s a look at our week through pictures:

Our garden will be expanding this year… we are adding new plants & hoping for a higher yield this time around.  Last year was a huge eye opener for us.  By having our own organic, pesticide free garden, we are saving money & giving our bodies more of what they deserve.  Get ready for LOADS of beautiful, colorful spring garden pictures!!

Klaire & I took a day to share with y’all some of our favorite “on the go” snack ideas.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE!  Aren’t those baby blues something else or what?!

New baby chicks arrived!  We are adding more heritage breed hens to our laying family.  They should be beauties & hopefully, there’s a handsome rooster in there somewhere.  Did you know that we choose NOT to vaccinate our chicks on the farm?  I’ll be sharing more about WHY later this month.

I’m officially hooked on making our own organic almond milk… Look for our special homestead recipe coming your way TOMORROW!

I snapped this yesterday.  The tomato plants are growing!  We’ve got a long list of other seeds to start in the upcoming weeks.  Do you know what you’re planting in your spring garden yet?  Feel free to share in the comments below!

Till next time…


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