Our Homestead {Weekly Reflection II}

This past week on the homestead was a bit warmer than the prior week – No snow & loads of sunshine!  With the change in weather, we took full advantage of nature walks, spring garden prepping, & a couple of new ventures in the kitchen.

Here’s a look back at our week through pictures:

Karl & Klaire planted the first round of seeds for our spring garden. We are adding a couple new types of heirloom tomatoes this year. Looking forward to tasting these beauties this summer!

If you have a garden, I encourage you to try starting your plants from seeds, too.  It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think.  What a difference only a few days can make in the growth process?! Karl & I both agree that it’s important for Klaire to understand not only WHERE her food comes from, but also HOW it gets to her plate.  I’ll keep y’all updated on the growth cycle here, too!

I mixed up a new batch of kombucha for the first ferment.  We generally start up a new batch when just under half of what we’ve got bottled in the fridge starts to dwindle down.  The triple berry bucha that’s in there now is going fast! We loaded it up with extra immune boosters by adding elderberry extract during cold & flu season.

***If you missed how we go about brewing our own kombucha, CLICK HERE for Part I & CLICK HERE for Part II

Also in the kitchen, we FINALLY, after way to much procrastination, made our very own organic almond milk!! Suprisingly, it was not complicated at all & the taste was incredible.  What were we thinking buying all that nut milk pre-made for all these years?! I’ll be posting more details behind the almond milk making process & sharing soon.

This was one of those days where Klaire & I took a “not so quick” walk down to check on the pigs. Our typical half hour nature walk some how turned into an hour plus. 🙂


No complaints here! These memories are forever priceless to this mama.

Till next time…


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