How to Soak Your Nuts & Seeds {Plus WHY Your Gut Will Thank You}

You read that right – you should be soaking your nuts & seeds before you eat them.  This is yet another one of those super easy ways to give your body (especially your gut) more healthy benefits.

If you eat NUTS or SEEDS, then you NEED to read this….

Right away, let me admit, I have been eating nuts/seeds for years & NOT soaking them.  It wasn’t until I started making our almond milk, that I actually began soaking them for our family.  What was I thinking?

Aside from when I feel my body needs to follow an autoimmune protocol, for my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis flare ups, nuts (particularly almonds) are a staple in my daily snacking routine – same for Karl.  I also wanted Klaire to be able to eat them & knew that this was the only way I would feel comfortable with her consuming whole nuts at this point.  Soaking them, in a nutshell (pun intended), equals less stress on her little developing digestive system.

Here’s HOW to soak your nuts & seeds:

I’ve referenced almonds, but know that the following is the same standard method for soaking most all nuts & seeds that you would snack on.

Step #1


Raw nuts/seeds are a MUST.  You’ve got to get the RAW version of a nut or seed in order to get the benefits from soaking.  Trust me, they are not difficult to find.

CLICK HERE for our favorite almonds.

CLICK HERE to see the sunflower seeds I’ve got coming in the mail any day now.

Step #2


Water is just water, right?  Absolutely, NOT!  Please do your body a favor & use the best water you can find.  For us, this means using our Berkey Water Filtration System (aka Big Berkey) & a high quality salt (Celtic or Pink Himalayan).  Otherwise, use your filtered water of choice with a generous pinch of your favorite salt.  Some people like to warm their water before soaking, but I just to pour mine in at room temperature & it works just fine.



Do you really need to wait the whole 24 hours?!  I try my best to wait each time, but if you are running short on time, a few hours can still provide you with benefits – the longer the soak here, the better.



I drain off the water solution, rinse with more filtered water, & for good measures, rinse again.  Really agitate your nuts/seeds during this process to ensure they all get a good bath, y’all.



You can do one of two things with your nuts/seeds at this point.  Either refrigerate & EAT (I make our almond milk at this time- CLICK HERE for the steps) or DRY them for snacking later.  I do this by placing them on a parchment lined tray in the oven set on the lowest temperature until they’re nice & dry.

These simple 5 steps will provide your body with a nut or seed that is better for your gut.

Here are 3 reasons WHY we soak our nuts/seeds on the homestead:

  1. Enzyme Inhibitors –  It’s extremely important to deactivate these guys in order to keep them from decreasing our bodies of the good, natural enzymes.  Think of it this way, the soaking process increases the natural enzymes from the nuts or seeds.  Thus, it helps with getting the good stuff into our body & the bad stuff out of it (aka poop).  Had to throw some “mama” talk in there.
  2. Goitrogens – I want these to stay far away from my thyroid, y’all.  They are known to slow down the function of the thyroid.  Soaking helps reduce the amount goitrogens in your nuts/seeds and keeps my thyroid happy.
  3. Phytic Acid – It’s the main reason why we are now soaking our nuts/seeds.  Since phytic acid functions by binding itself to minerals & other elements in our body, it causes loads of trouble for your digestive system (the way our body breaks down, absorbs, & excretes food).

Here’s your take home message.  If you want to actually get the healthy benefits from eating nuts/seeds, SOAK them before you EAT them, y’all!

Till next time…



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