How to Make Kombucha: Part 2

Last time we discussed kombucha making, I told you that I would be back with how to do the second ferment.

Now, it is perfectly fine to drink your kombucha after that first ferment… you’ll still get all the digestive, energy, & immune boosting benefits. Simply think of the second ferment as the time to have fun with making different flavor combos & adding a little fizzy goodness.

If you missed the Kombucha Making: Part 1 Post, CLICK HERE to read.

Here’s what you need for Part 2 of Kombucha Making:

Second Ferment


Kombucha (from first ferment)

Fruit Juice/Puree (we use THIS Vitamix to puree our fruit)

Airtight, Glass Vessels


  1. After the first ferment on your kombucha, “harvest” some to transfer into your desired glass containers.
  2. Pour into a glass bottle that will remain as airtight as possible once capped, leaving space for juice/puree.
  3. Add fruit juice/puree to your bottles.
  4. Seal the bottle tightly and place in a warm, dark spot to ferment 3-4 more days, depending on your room temperature.
  5. Your kombucha is ready when it is carbonated upon opening.
  6. Enjoy! You can drink it right away or store it in your fridge.

Special Notes:

  • We use kombucha bottles that we bought from the store, but you can use any glass vessel that you can get a good seal with.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to leave enough room for an ounce or two of fruit juice/puree in your containers!!
  • We especially enjoy the flavors (& health benefits) of mango, elderberry, blueberry, or ginger – BUT the options are endless!
  • Want it extra bubbly? Add in kiwi!!
  • Regarding second ferment time – Good rule of thumb is LESS time for a warmer environment & MORE time for a colder environment.
  • CAUTION – Be extra careful not to let it go too long because exploding glass jars can get dangerous, y’all!

You might be wondering… What causes the bubbles?? The culture that was developed during the first ferment feeds off of the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit. This “feeding” process is what produces the gas necessary to create carbonation. Neat, huh?

Questions? What are your favorite flavor combos? Tell us in the comments below.

P.S. Happy One Week till Christmas Eve, y’all!! Hope you are able to enjoy some memorable family time over the next week like we are planning to do.

From our family to yours… Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the homestead!


Till next time…

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