How to Make Almond Milk {At Home}

Over the past couple of weeks, I have become a self proclaimed almond milk master, y’all.  I kid you not, when I say that this is the one of those things I don’t know how I ever lived without.

If you’ve got water, almonds, & a blender on hand… you can make it, too!

People drink nut based “milks” for all different kinds of reasons. For our family, if we aren’t drinking good old fashioned (raw) cow’s milk, then we get our creamy, cold beverage fix from nut milks.  Up until now, the answer has always been to purchase organic almond milk.  I felt like we were always on the hunt for one with minimal ingredients & a brand that didn’t break the bank to purchase.

I knew you could make your own, but I was always intimidated by what I thought was the almond milk making process.

Finally, after revamping our family budget for the year, I decided that I would look into making our own nut milks to help cut back on expenses & trips to the grocery store.  I got started with almond milk since this is our favorite.  BONUS – Klaire loves to drink it & I can control what’s going in to it OR, more importantly, what’s NOT going in to it.

After tinkering around with the measurements a bit, I perfected the perfect glass of organic, unsweetened almond milk!

Here’s how to make your own organic almond milk at home:


4 cups filtered water (Berkey is the BEST)

1 cup *soaked, organic almonds

*We soak our almonds in water with a pinch of salt for ~24 hours before using them… this helps with digestion, y’all! I’ll be sure to do a post soon with more details on the benefits of soaking your nuts.


  1. Combine almonds & water in blender (we use our Vitamix for super fast blending).     
  2. Buzz it all up for ~45 seconds or until creamy.                                                     
  3. Strain into desired storage vessel (I prefer a big glass Mason jar with lid).                         
  4. Store in the fridge & enjoy!!

Waste Not, Want Not Tip: Save the leftover almond pulp for adding to your favorite breakfast bowls, smoothies, or dips!

See? Told y’all it was easy!  I’m finishing off a big, cold glass of it as I type – accompanied by some dark chocolate of course.  😉

Do you make your own nut milks at home?  Do you have any favorite ways to use almond milk? Tell me all about your own experiences.

Till next time…


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