How to Build a Better Snack {Grab & Go Style}

We take our snacking seriously around here on the homestead.  To keep us all healthy & happy we generally try to keep something nourishing in our bodies every 2-3 hours.

In most cases, we need something quick & simple to grab.  I also want our snacks to serve a purpose – give us energy, keep us full, & provide us with the most nutrition possible.

We tend to keep our staple snack foods in rotation during the week.  Klaire & I are at home most days & like to stick to sharing fruit or veggie sticks with one of our easy homemade “dips” or for an extra dose of goodness, *liver pate.  Karl prefers grab & go type snacks to keep him going throughout his busy day.  When we are out & about on the weekends, we all LOVE grab & go type snacks!

*Liver pate – Yes – this is actually what Klaire requests the most.  Be on the look out for the recipe & why you need LIVER in your life – coming soon!

Want to know how we build a better snack for on the go each time?

The magic happens in knowing what to eat with what, y’all.  Think of it like a puzzle – You want all the good stuff in there to get the full benefit of snacking after all, right?

You’ll need these 3 components to Build your Perfect Snack for on the Go:

1. Healthy Fat or Protein –

Are you pairing that apple or banana with a healthy fat?  If you want to get all the nutritional benefits from your fruit without a side of sugar rush, you’ll need to have a healthy fat or protein with it.  Think nut or seed butters, raw cheeses, or avocados.

2. Texture –

Keep it interesting by adding CRUNCH from nuts, fresh produce, or crackers (like THESE from Simple Mills).  After all, snacking needs to be fun!

3. Cleanliness Factor –

No napkins needed when you’re snacking on the go.  Grab easy items like fruit & nut bars (ALWAYS read the ingredients if you aren’t making your own), whole pieces of fruit, OR crackers (like THESE from Simple Mills).  I even like to add another boost of nutrition to our snack time by keeping some of our homemade almond milk in a portable container for sipping on.

What are some of your favorite snack combos?  Want more ideas for the little ones in your life?  Confused about all the “healthy” options out there?  Let me know!

Till next time…

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