Halloween Craft with Toddlers

As mentioned in the previous post, my sister (Courtney from Cookin’ Up Life) & I decided to craft with the kiddos for some Halloween fun earlier today.

Here’s how it all went down…

First, we asked Klaire & Tripp what they would like to create.  Pumpkins, ghosts, or monsters?  Our two toddlers both requested pumpkins, of course!  They’ve both been watching pumpkins grow here on the homestead.

Thankfully my sister was up for tag teaming, so we split up the tasks.

This is our toddler friendly version how to:

  1. Take empty paper rolls & cut colored paper down to size. 
  2. Tape the paper to secure to roll.                         
  3. CREATE your masterpiece with safe, non-toxic crayons.       
  4. Enjoy!

We simplified the process as much as possible, divided tasks up, & conquered all while our two little ones played in one of their favorite spaces, the blue blanket.

Next year, we plan to use this book for inspiration.  Muddle and Match books are a Klaire & Tripp favorite around here.  Thinking we will be able to take the creativity to the next level by mixing up our crazy creations.

When choosing something fun for a holiday craft keep two things in mind.  Keep it FUN & SIMPLE!

I’d love to hear what all you do to celebrate in the comments below.

Happy Halloween, y’all!

Till next time…

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