Getting Ready for Pigs

With the weather being as unusually warm as it has, we’ve been taking full advantage of finishing up a couple projects around here.  Karl’s been putting up new gates, working on expanding the pasture area for our meat birds, & hatching new laying hens.  Klaire, however is most excited about our next soon-to-be addition to the farmstead.

A while back, we decided that the we needed some pigs.  We have purchased pastured, local pork before & let me tell y’all… IF you haven’t tried it straight from a sustainable, local farm before, you are absolutely missing out.

The taste alone is incredible. I personally love the fact that not one single part of the pig goes to waste.  I am still using rendered down lard from the last pig we had in the freezer.  I’ll have to share how I render it down in a crockpot SOON!

We are excited to put our very own pastured pork in the freezer!  The steps involved in preparing for pigs have been time consuming, but we know it’ll all pay off once the pigs are finally here.

First, Karl needed to find the perfect place for them to live.  Since we are all about producing the cleanest, most nutritious meat we knew that they would need plenty of space & a shelter.  Luckily, we had just the right space nearby.

Next, he had to fence it all in.  We didn’t feel comfortable with them roaming without a bit of protection from surrounding predators.  We want them to be able to roam on the pasture & also have access to the wooded areas.

Karl has all kinds of ideas for raising them, but ultimately it will be a learn as you go kind of thing this first time around.  I am personally excited about having a natural scrap disposal just beyond our back yard.

It has been a process, but we are in the homestretch with wrapping it up.  The “piggy pasture” will at long last have pigs in it!


The cows are also thrilled to have new neighbors… can’t you tell?

All-in-all, should be fun.

I’ll be posting pictures of the “hogs” as soon as they make their debut on the homestead along with tasty pork recipes.  Have a favorite pork dish?  Looking for a new way to cook bacon?  Let me know in the comments below.

Now, back to dreaming of cooler, fall weather I go.  Until it gets here, diffusing oils (CLICK HERE for my current seasonal favorites) & baking up fall dishes will have to do.

Till next time…

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