HHM Philosophy

HHM is so much more than just me, Karli Amonite. It's all about family, friends, & community. Far too often, we tend to over-complicate how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. By sharing what I've learned & experienced over the years, I believe I can help you "teach yourself" how to feel good again.

Our Story

When I created HHM, I had one goal in mind... to help others who are searching for a better way of living. That's exactly what my husband & I were looking for when we moved back to "the farm" AKA our homestead a year ago. We knew that getting back to the basics & surrounding ourselves with nature was how we could achieve that goal for our little family. I can't wait to share our journey & pass on the healthy homestead love along the way.

Meet the "Mama" behind HHM


Karli Amonite

Wife | Mama | Healthy Lifestyle Fanatic

My roots for healthy living stem from an educational background in nutrition & my passion for helping others just comes naturally. My personal journey to balancing my own health hasn't come easy. I have learned that in order to obtain optimal health, you've got to get out there & self-educate. Finding a community of people with similar views & outlooks also helps, too... hence HHM.

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