A Birthday Celebration on the Homestead {Klaire Marie Turns 2}

Birthdays are special around here.  Since becoming a Mama, I’ve taken on a whole new appreciation for what birthdays are actually all about – celebrating birth.

With this being Klaire’s second birthday, I find that like last year, I will always be reflecting back to that unforgettable day each year just after the first week in February.  I’ll save the details of Klaire’s natural birth story for another post later this month.

We recently had a celebration for our little Klaire Marie with family here on the homestead.  Nothing crazy over the top.  We tried to keep it simple with little touches of Klaire’s favorite things – currently tea parties & “farmer girl” accessories.

Here’s a look at all of the details that went into making the party day extra special for our little farmer princess girl.

First up, the sweets – because you can’t have a birthday celebration without sweets!

Cake + Cupcakes + Macarons = Confection Perfection!

All of that served along side Klaire’s favorite tea, chamomile lavender, of course.  I had a couple of heirloom tea sets out which I know Klaire will get many years of playtime out of just like my sister & I did in years past.

Side note: For Klaire’s actual birthday dinner, I made her a batch of homemade banana cupcakes with coconut whipped cream.  No photographs to share, but they were a hit with the birthday girl.  

You may or may not know this about me, but I do love baking & have for a very long time.  However, I couldn’t resist calling up our favorite, local gluten free bakery, Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro, to cover all the sweet treat bases for the party day.

Over the past couple of years, Mason Dixon has turned into our go to spot for dining out – even when Klaire comes along.  They are phenomenal, y’all!  If you’re ever in the North Alabama region, you’ve got to drop in & see how special Mason Dixon is for yourself!  The fact that they are a 100% gluten free bakery & restaurant is just one of the reasons why we feel so at home & comfortable when we visit.  They really do know how to bake, cook, & season up things just the way we like it when we’re not cooking for ourselves at home.

As they say, their love, passion and dedication can be tasted in every bite!  We couldn’t agree more!

Let me tell you all about the grain free vanilla cake that Klaire had for her big girl birthday cake.  It’s listed as their Paleo Vanilla.  It’s their moist vanilla cake topped with paleo vanilla frosting.  Why did I choose it for Klaire & her guests?  It’s gluten free, soy free, & dairy free.  No refined, processed sugars to overwhelm the body to be found in this delightfully layered cake.  It pretty much fit the tab for Klaire’s eating regimen at this point in her life & you would never know it was gluten free.  Plus, it was the exact clean, classic canvas that I had in mind for her custom handmade Merino wool cake topper from our friends at Flora & Peg (keep reading for even more details on their lovely creations).

Now for my personal favorite – Mason Dixon’s Luscious Lavender cupcakes. I’ve already decided that a big cake version will be on order for our next birthday celebration at the homestead.  Think the best lemon pound cake you’ve ever had with a suttle hint of lavender infused throughout.  Did I mention it’s topped with the best lemon cream cheese frosting you’ll ever have?!  Bonus for me is that they’re gluten free & soy free.

Klaire’s been on a refined sugar (the bleached white stuff) FREE regimen for all of her little life so far.  Knowing that she could have two toddler sized servings of her cake sweetened only with pure maple syrup or honey made me feel better about her indulging like any other toddler on their birthday.

As you can see, the cake on Klaire’s face says it ALL – it was really that scrumptious!

Now, let’s talk about that Merino wool handmade crown, y’all!

I was lucky enough to find the folks at Flora & Peg about a year ago, just before Klaire’s first birthday. We ordered one of their Merino wool & genuine leather crowns for her to wear last year.  We were so impressed with the quality & beauty of the crown that we decided to have one custom made for her this year & keep the birthday crown a tradition.  All of their work is truly amazing & one of a kind! I LOVE how Jeremy & Darcie say they “make what we love” & “love what we do” – the love shows in all of their work!

How did we come up with Klaire’s one of a kind design?  I literally emailed Darcie a picture of my Mamaw Margaret’s English Tea Pot & this work of art was born.  Darcie took the tea pot color scheme as inspiration & sent us these two intricate pieces for our special birthday girl.

The coordinating cake topper (that you can’t miss in those cake pictures) was exactly what we were looking for to tie everything together.

With the help of both Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro and Flora & Peg, Klaire’s celebration day was just what we envisioned.

Of course having her two great grandmothers, Nonna & Papaw, Aunt Courtney (who took all of those adorable pictures of Klaire so this Mama could enjoy the moment :)), Uncle David, cousin Tripp, & Nanny (all the way from Canada) all there was the magic touch that made the day extra special for our darlin’ little one’s celebration day.  We sure do love you, little Klaire Marie!!

Till next time…


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