3 Reasons Why Our Family Uses Essential Oils

We have been using essential oils in our household for several years now.  I often tell people that I wouldn’t have made it through natural childbirth without them.  Some would even say that I have a slight obsession with all things lavender.  It was the inspiration behind Klaire’s serene nursery after all.

When we made the move to the homestead of course we kept essential oils (EO’s) going strong.  Let’s face it – the farm animals can just plain stink some times.  As I type, I am literally running lemon & eucalyptus through our house for an overall clean smell.

A lot of you are probably familiar with EO’s & all the benefits that come along with using them.  Whether you’ve been using them for years like me or never heard of the word melaleuca like my dad, there is always MORE to learn about essential oils.

Here are 3 Reasons WHY our Family Uses Essential Oils:

#1 The SMELL

Also known as aromatherapy, the smell is what gets me EVERY time.  I kid you not when I say that inhaling a nice blend has the power to take me to another place (my mind at least).  This was KEY for me during Klaire’s natural birth.  Speaking of which, I am long overdue for a natural birth story post… be on the lookout.

If I’ve just had one of those days & need a quick moment to myself, I can diffuse a calming blend for a few minutes & feel like a new woman.

With the holidays upon us (Thanksgiving is pretty much here), I love nothing more than to bake, but let’s face it – sometimes the time just isn’t on our side.  This is where EO come in.  Forget baking a pumpkin pie every day to make you happy.  Simply diffuse some of this blend & you’re covered.

The smell is where it’s at.  Toss your synthetic, chemical laden air fresheners & make the switch to EO’s immediately.  Your health will thank you later, promise.


As mentioned above, your health will thank you for using EO’s.  I won’t get too deep into the abundance of health related benefits linked to using EO’s.

Here are a couple benefits that are crucial for our family:

Karl is an educator (AKA around snotty nosed kids all day) so keeping his immune system up is HUGE.  Especially during cold & flu season, we go through the oils that help purify & boost the body’s immune system.

Even Gus, our golden retriever is an avid EO user.  His personal pick is tea tree oil for all of it’s anti fungal/bacterial/viral properties.  I wouldn’t be without this DIY ear cleaner I use on him daily.

I could easily dedicate an entire post to the health benefits of EO so be on the look out for more to come.

#3 They last FOREVER

Well, almost forever…

Don’t let the size of the tiny glass bottles mislead you.  EO’s are extremely potent (specifically when using a high quality, pure brand like RMO).  Most uses only take a couple to a few drops depending on what they are being use for.  It also depends on the oil itself & how frequently you need to use it.  For instance, a bottle of lavender goes quicker than a bottle of oil of oregano for our family.

As of recent, I have been introduced to a line that I wanted to share with y’all – Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO).  They have blown me away with quality, purity, smell, & price (probably the most impressive for this budget lovin’ mama).

More to come from my top RMO picks, but for now guess what?!?  They just launched an exclusive, ORGANIC line today!!!

Check it out here & let me know if you have any questions.  Like anything I promote on here, I wouldn’t be telling y’all about it if I/we didn’t 100% approve of it & actually use it ourselves.

On another note, looks like I got my wish – The “cooler, not quite cold yet weather has arrived in our part of Alabama!  Off to enjoy a warm cup of my favorite red raspberry leaf tea I go. Just a tip — I order this by the case to save money.

Till next time…

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